How much does a call cost?

Students pay a list price of $59.99 per one-hour call, or they can choose a subscription membership for an advance monthly recurring fee of $20, which provides calls in any given month at a discounted member’s rate of $49.99 per call. A subscription makes sense if you plan to make at least two calls in a month. A subscription can be cancelled at any time through the app provided there is notice of 48 hours before the following month’s debit (i.e. a subscription beginning November 10th will renew December 10th, so you can cancel up to 48 hours in advance of this without being charged for the next month).

How secure are calls?

All calls are fully-encrypted using third party industry standard encryption protocols. More details can be found in our Privacy Policy.

Why does Ivychat exist?

College counselling is really expensive. Our mission is to democratize the college advice process. Ivychat also contributes 10% of profits towards financial aid and work study programs.

Who are the undergrad advisors on Ivychat?

Our undergrad advisors are selected from top universities across the US. Over time the Ivychat platform will include advisors from leading international universities.

How do I start my call?

Please go to your Inbox and click on the chat with your advisor. Here you will receive automated reminders before the start of your call. At the start time of your call, please click on the green button at the bottom of your chat screen to begin your call.

What if a call needs to be cancelled or rescheduled?

Once a call is confirmed, it can be cancelled or rescheduled (subject to availability) up to 48 hours before the start time of the call. If the Advisor has to cancel the call for any reason within 48 hours, payment will be refunded to the Student.

What if a call ends early?

If a call ends early without your consent, please reflect this in your ratings/review and notify Ivychat through the Contact section.

Can I extend my call beyond one hour?

Yes. You will receive a prompt 10 minutes before the end of each call asking if you would like to extend by 15 minutes. This prompt will last until 5 minutes before the end of the call. The option to extend will repeat every 15 minutes thereafter, with each interval billed at 1/4 the cost of your original one hour call.

Can I get a transcript of my call afterwards?

Yes. Once you have completed your call, you can download a transcript for an additional fee.

How much do undergrad advisors earn?

Undergrad advisors earn $20 per one-hour call in exchange for the opportunity to mentor aspiring college applicants in their free time.

How do high school students make payments? How long does it take for undergrad advisors toreceive payments?

High school students are charged to their selected credit or debit card 48 hours before the start time of their call. Undergrad advisors receive a payment in the bank account that is attached to their debit card within 5-7 days of completing a call, or can select Instant Payment to the same bank account for a modest fee.

Do undergrad advisors pay taxes on their earnings?

Undergrad advisors are independent contractors and responsible for their own taxes. More details can be found in our Payment Terms of Service.

How do I keep track of my payments or earnings?

Keep track of earnings and payments via the Profile section of the app.

Can I get advice on my college essays?

Yes. Students can submit college essays, resumes or anything else that may be helpful to discuss with an advisor during your chat. Simply attach the file (Word, PDF, Excel, JPEG) by clicking the paperclip button in the bottom left corner of your chat window with an advisor once your booking has been confirmed.

How do I earn Referral Fees?

Please send a link to your friends from the Profile section of the app. You can track Referral fees through the Payment History tab in the Profile section of the app as well, or on the website after Signing In.

Are Ambassador earnings tax-exempt?

Yes. Each high school with an ambassador will receive a tax-exempt charitable contribution following the end of each calendar year per the terms described in the Ambassador tab of the Ivychat website.