Become an Ivychat Undergrad Advisor

Ivychat connects high school students with a network of accomplished undergrad advisors. This is an incredible opportunity for you to mentor high school students on your college experience, what it took to get there, and what they can do to improve themselves - and consequently, their chances of getting in!

How it Works

Important FAQs

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How much does a call cost?

Calls last one-hour and cost $59.99 each, or you can choose a subscription membership for an advance monthly recurring fee of $20... Read More

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Why does Ivychat exist?

College counselling is really expensive. Our mission is to democratize the college advice process. Ivychat also contributes 10%... Read More

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How secure are calls?

All calls are fully-encrypted using third party industry standard encryption protocols. More details can be found... Read More

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Who are the undergrad advisors on Ivychat?

Our undergrad advisors are selected from top universities across the US. Over time the Ivychat platform will include advisors from... Read More